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Why Your Immune System Can't Keep Up

What’s in the foods and beverages that you consume when you eat out? I bet you don't know. That coffee place?  That smoothie place?  They aren't using aMYLK, so what's in the mylk that they are using?  Very often they are using the same mylks that you'd pass over... the ones with the gums, chemicals, oils and emulsifiers.  Why?  Because it's cheaper. They can get a box of 6 liters for the price of one liter of aMYLK.  It's just business, right?

We so often make assumptions that the healthy cafes, juice bars and fancy coffee shops that we frequent are using high quality, organic ingredients that are free of harmful additives, but the truth is, we’re often wrong. Most food and consumer product businesses are profit driven first, quality second. 

I’m probably not going to make a lot of friends with this post, but I feel so passionately about this topic that I feel it’s worth the risk of losing a few friends. 

Consumers need to start asking more questions and asking the right questions. What mylk are you using? Where do you source your ingredients? How is this prepared? Is this produce farmed using sustainable, regenerative farming methods? It matters!  It really does!

You see, if this pandemic has done anything, It’s highlighted the fact that we are becoming increasingly more vulnerable to disease and that our immune systems aren’t functioning on all cylinders like they once were.  

Chemical agriculture has weakened the soil's microbial ecosystems, creating a problem for plants which need those microbes to create their own natural plant medicines (medicines we benefit from as well when we eat them). When plants can’t protect themselves, they are vulnerable to pests and disease and so they need to be treated with guess what? More soil destroying chemicals. Now we have chemicals in our water, so even our organic gardens are getting doused with chemicals. Our bodies are sponges and now our own microbiomes are a mess. we are becoming less resistant to disease. 

Gut problems, mental health problems, brain health problems and autoimmune problems are at all time highs. 

It’s the FOOD people. I believe it’s all starting with the foods that we eat and the profit driven companies who try to convince you that it’s all ok.

The restaurant industry is not to blame necessarily, it’s a small margin business and frankly, there’s an assumption that consumers won’t pay more for quality. aMYLK has proved the concept that they ARE willing to pay more for quality.

Our global health and survival is on the line. Educate yourself and vote with your dollar. Please. Your health is on the line.



Owner & Chief Joy Seeker 

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