aMYLK will be available for local delivery starting Oct. 1 at| Dawn Patrol Coffee | Beaverton Farmer's Market | PSU Farmers Market | Lake Oswego Farmers Market King Portland Farmers Market | Joule Crafted Nutrition


I really want to buy some of your plant based milk. If I'm not in your delivery zone, what other options might I have?  

If you are outside our delivery zone, you can pick up mylk from our kitchen by appointment during production on Wednesdays between 10-12 pm at 205 NE MLK Blvd at Davis right over the Burnside Bridge. Just give us a head's up by emailing and use our address as your shipping address if that is going to work for you.  You can also check with to see if you are in their delivery zone. They have an order deadline of Tuesday at noon for Thursday delivery. Also, find us at Portland Farmers Market, Beaverton Farmers Market and Lake Oswego Farmers market every Saturday!

Tell me about home/office delivery. How does it work?

Orders must be received by 11:00 pm Monday evening for Thursday delivery. Orders placed after that time will be fulfilled the following week. We deliver every Thursday between 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.  

What if I'm not home for delivery?

If you don't plan to be at home, that's ok!  Just leave a cooler filled with plenty of ice on your porch!  If you paid by COD, we're  old school.  Just leave an envelope with your payment under the cooler.  Have an apartment with a code? No problem. Just email us the code and we will get it done!  

Can I return my bottles?

I am so glad that you want to return your bottle. As an extra incentive, I've decided to offer $1 off your next purchase for every sparkly clean reusable bottle that I receive. When you place your next order, leave your empty, super clean bottle by your cooler and I will send you a discount code that you can use on your next purchase! If the bottle is not clean, it's hard to reuse and takes a lot of time for us to sterilize. We may choose to leave it behind to give you another chance to clean it before we pick it up.

Is aMYLK Vegan?

All of the mylks that are regularly available at com fall into a vegan profile. I do, however,  sometimes have specials which I feature online and at markets that are not vegan. 

aMYLK evolved out of my passion for living a healthier lifestyle and that included eating more plants and eliminating dairy from my diet. While the base of all my mylks are plants (nuts or seeds mostly) I do sometimes use raw honey and in one particular product, crushed fresh water pearls, making those products non-vegan.  Read the ingredients carefully and please ask before sampling if you have dietary concerns. We are very respectful of all diet choices at aMYLK.

Have other questions or suggestions?  Please email me!  I would love to hear from you!