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I really want to buy some aMYLK.  Where can I find your products?

The best way to get aMYLK is to find us at one of our multiple weekend Farmers Markets. We are at Portland Farmers Market at PSU, Beaverton Farmers Market  and Lake Oswego Farmers Market every Saturday during market season.  You'll find us at King Farmers Market and Montavilla Farmers Market every Sunday during market season.  Check with each market for times as they vary. 

Our new factory shop opens 11/26/2022. Swing by at 2147 NW York St. to get fresh mylk, aMYLK lattes and gluten/refined sugar free baked goods. We are opening Saturdays from 9 - 2 pm to start, and will likely add days as we refine the shop offerings. 

Does aMYLK ship across states?

Well... not really. We occasionally offer shipping events for holidays or special occasions. We have indefinitely paused our weekly shipping program for a number of reasons, most notably the high cost of shipping heavy bottles overnight. Global shipping problems paired with low order volume have made it necessary to cancel the program. I hope to reevaluate this program in the near future.

 Can I return my bottles?

I am so glad that you want to return your bottle. As an extra incentive, we offer $.50 off your next purchase for every sparkly clean reusable bottle that we receive. Please sterilize them in your dishwasher prior to returning them. We will sterilize them again, but this keeps our staff safe while handling. 

If the bottle is not clean, it's hard to reuse and takes a lot of time for us to clean and sterilize. For that reason, we will only give discounts for clean, reusable bottles.

Please keep and recycle caps in curbside recycling by wrapping them in tin foil and leaving them for collection with your paper and plastics. 

Is aMYLK Vegan?

My regular line up of mylks all fall into a vegan profile, however, I do sometimes have specials which I feature online and at markets that are not vegan. For example, I sometimes add raw honey or crushed pearls for added nutrients and health benefits.

aMYLK evolved out of my passion for living a healthier lifestyle and that included eating more plants and eliminating dairy from my diet. Read the ingredients carefully and please ask before sampling if you have dietary concerns. We are very respectful of all diet and lifestyle choices at aMYLK.

What is the shelf life of aMYLK?

aMYLK is raw and unpasteurized and therefore has a short shelf life. I designed my mylks to be this way purposely. I believe that food should spoil, not last for weeks or months. In my opinion, foods that have long shelf lives only benefit the corporations who make them and tend to be lacking in vital nutrients.

I don't add any gums, oils or emulsifiers or preservatives, so expect it to spoil if you wait too long. Separation is natural and is not indicative of spoilage.

You should expect your mylk to last between 5-7 days from production. Keep it refrigerated between 36-38 degrees. We have date stamped your bottle with a best by date which means you should drink it before that day, though it may last longer.  Your mylk may spoil more rapidly if it has been exposed to heat or bacteria or stored in the door of your fridge. Keep your refrigerator cold and clean and never drink from the bottle unless you plan to finish it in one sitting. Also, keep in mind that in warmer months your mylk will spoil faster than it would in the winter.  The rule of thumb is, if it smells sweet, it's probably still fresh. 

Can I freeze aMYLK?

Yes! Just be sure to pour your aMYLK into an ice cube tray before freezing. I learned this the hard way. Glass will shatter if frozen. If you make aMYLK ice cubes, you can defrost a few overnight in your fridge in a jar and shake it the next morning. This will extend your shelf life for 30 days!  A Stasher bag of ziplock also works well for freezing. Pro-tip: if you freeze into ice cubes, remove them right away and store them in an airtight container in the freezer so they are not exposed to air. Otherwise they get gummy. 

Does aMYLK froth well for lattes and such?

Absolutely!  I am in love with the Milk Café frother  by Breville (I'm now a Breville Affiliate because I love their products so much.) My family and I use this product at least twice a day to heat and froth aMYLK for use in lattes, steamers and adaptogenic elixirs at home.  I have found that my plain flavors like almond, tiger nut and hazelnut seem to froth the best, but they all froth beautifully. If you are looking for stiff peak foam, try my plain almond.

Have other questions or suggestions?  Please email us!  My team and I would love to hear from you!