VIRUS UPDATE.... aMYLK will continue to provide mylk to the following markets & businesses while they remain open. Continue to check back with updates. | PORTLAND FARMERS MARKET | RUBINETTE PRODUCE INSIDE PROVIDORE | HAPPY DAY JUICE CO. | JOULE CRAFTED NUTRITION | LOCALMILKRUN.COM | KIOSKO COFFEE | NATIONAL SHIPPING | COURIER THROUGH RYNLY.COM | (eb & bean is temporarily closed. all in store pick ups have been suspended including dawn patrol coffee)


I really want to buy some aMYLK.  I looked on and I'm not in their delivery zone. What other options might I have?  

If you are outside of the (Portland Metro) MilkRun's delivery zone, you can order on for courier service (fee applies) or for free pick up. Just be sure to select your preference at checkout. We offer courier service throughout the Portland metro area, Salem, Vancouver, Tacoma and Seattle!

Also, you can find us at Portland Farmers Market, Beaverton Farmers Market and Lake Oswego Farmers market every Saturday and King Farmers Market every Sunday during market season with the exception of January & February. 

We are now shipping nationally, too!


Can I return my bottles?

I am so glad that you want to return your bottle. As an extra incentive, I've decided to offer $1 off your next purchase for every sparkly clean reusable liter and half liter bottle that I receive (minis are worth $.50).

Unfortunately my other vendors can't offfer you an incentive discount, so be sure to return them to me at the Farmer's Market.

If the bottle is not clean, it's hard to reuse and takes a lot of time for us to clean and sterilize. For that reason, we will only give discounts for clean, reusable bottles. 

Is aMYLK Vegan?

All of the base mylks that are regularly available at aMYLK fall into a vegan profile. I do, however, sometimes have specials which I feature online and at markets that are not vegan. For example, I sometimes add raw honey or crushed pearls for added nutrients.

aMYLK evolved out of my passion for living a healthier lifestyle and that included eating more plants and eliminating dairy from my diet. I do not personally identify as vegan, but rather "mostly" plant-based. Read the ingredients carefully and please ask before sampling if you have dietary concerns. We are very respectful of all diet choices at aMYLK.

Have other questions or suggestions?  Please email me!  I would love to hear from you!