Work at aMYLK



aMYLK Market Team Leaders are aMYLK ambassadors.  We live the brand.  Our goal is to get aMYLK into as many peoples’ mouths as possible.  We love educating customers about the difference between aMYLK and the other plant-based milk options.  Seeing a customer’s face as they experience aMYLK for the first time is a truly gratifying experience.  You can tell that they never knew plant-based mylk could taste so great. 

We use a lot of interesting healthy ingredients in our mylks that many people have never heard of so there is a lot of educating to do about the potential benefits of consuming adaptogens and the other superfoods commonly found in aMYLK. 

I find this job to be the most exciting job at aMYLK.  I love being part of the market. I love meeting new people and sharing my love for the mylks we produce.  A successful member of this team will bring a lot of energy to the market with them and will remember that the customer’s experience is our foremost concern. Our team leaders all need to have a car that is large enough to carry our full market set up and have the ability to lift heavy coolers, and be available to work every Saturday for the duration of the season and some Sundays. Email us at with your resume if you would like to apply.

*we currently have openings for this position!  Please email with your resume and cover letter indicating why you'd like to work at aMYLK!  




The aMYLK Production Team members hold revered positions at aMYLK because this is where the magic happens. We don’t just put nuts (or seeds or tubers) and super premium ingredients into our mylks, we imbibe the mylk with loving energy. This is why it is so important that our production team is happy! We play music. We dance. We chat and we have fun when we make aMYLK. The more joy in the room, the better the mylk!

The aMYLK Production Team works a varied schedule depending on the day. This position requires strong attention to detail, the ability to follow a recipe, the ability to lift up to 45 lbs, a tolerance for loud noise (blenders, you know) and a willingness to clean up, scrub surfaces and equipment and mop post production. Email us at with your resume if you would like to apply.  

*we currently have openings for this position!  Please email with your resume and cover letter indicating why you'd like to work at aMYLK!