Celebrating 5 Years

Today, I'm taking a moment to celebrate. I started aMYLK with a dream and very little else other than my conviction. Perhaps compulsion is a better word. I simply won't give up, no matter how hard it is sometimes. I have to do this. 

Five years ago today on the 17th of June in 2017, I launched my very own company. I called it aMYLK because I wanted to differentiate my plant-based nut and seed mylks from dairy milk. The “a” was supposed to stand for alternative, but as it turns out my name was in the brand. Not just my first name, but my middle initial, too. Too bad my last name starts with a C instead of a K. 

There's only one word to describe my journey with aMYLK…serendipitous.

I feel spirit led to build and grow this company and to deliver to you the very best possible plant-based mylk found anywhere in the world. It's my offering. It's my service and it's my passion. Sometimes it's my sacrifice and my children's sacrifice, too. I pour my whole heart into aMYLK every day.

aMYLK is growing. This year we moved into our very own 2,600 square foot warehouse, kitchen and (potential) retail space in NW Portland. My new kitchen came with a really fancy oven, which has me dreaming big dreams of bringing you healthy treats to enjoy with your mylk using aMYLK nut pulp. There are a lot of fun things in the works right now for year 6.

One big change that I made this year in both my personal life, and for us all at aMYLK, was to switch from tap water to filtered water. This is a very big deal and not inexpensive.

Since I started filtering my water, I've seen a dramatic improvement in my health. I never knew that tap water had so many contaminants in it like hormones, pharmaceuticals, plastics, pesticides and herbicides. 

This week, in a shocking announcement, the EPA declared that there are no safe level for toxic “forever chemicals” found in thousands of US drinking water systems impacting millions of Americans. These chemicals have been linked to multiple heath ailments, low birth weights and several types of cancer. 

The water filtration system that we now use at aMYLK filters out these toxic chemicals and contaminants. It's something I am very grateful for and very proud of. It's part of the value that I want to deliver to you at aMYLK. You deserve the very best.

Thank you for witnessing my journey. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for understanding the value of what I do, and the hard work that it has taken to bring aMYLK to life and to keep it alive. It hasn't been easy, but you are worth it. 

I hope you will come see us tomorrow at Portland Farmers Market, Beaverton Farmers Market or Lake Oswego Farmers Market. We will also be at Montavilla Farmers Market and  Portland Farmers Market at King Elementary on Sunday. (You'll find me personally at LO and King.)

With Great Love, 

 Amy L. Colville 

Owner and Chief Joy Seeker at aMYLK

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