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Ditching The Dirty Stuff, My Switch to Clean Makeup

Hi Friend,

It's 2021 and it's time to take your self-care to the next level.

At aMYLK, we've got you covered with the purest non-dairy mylks on the planet.  You can use aMYLK to help you detox (have you tried our I'm abundant Super aMYLK with Turmeric?) and to eat healthy every day, but what if eating healthy isn't enough? 

For years, I have been keenly aware that what I put into my body has a dramatic effect on my overall health and well being, but what about what I'm putting ON my body? 

I've been pretty good about switching to all natural skincare, deodorant and toothpastes over the years, but I'm afraid it took me longer to face the fact that my makeup was toxic. I didn't want to know.  My makeup worked and the other stuff...didn't. Until now. 

What if we are being poisoned by the products we are putting ON our bodies every day and we don't even know it?

I've been watching documentaries about the Beauty Industry and it isn't pretty. Did you know that the Beauty Industry is barely regulated and that most of the brands are owned by just a handful of big corporations?  Turns out, in many cases, they are using the cheapest ingredients they can find in order to turn the biggest profits. 

Many of us are marinating ourselves every day toxic chemicals without realizing the risks we are taking. Did you know that they use chemical preservatives in beauty products? (Parabens) If I don't want chemical preservatives in my food, why would I want them in my makeup and skincare? The lack of regulation of this industry is shocking. Many brands contain plastics, petroleum and formaldehyde.  (Check out Toxic Beauty on Amazon and Broken on Netflix.) 

Luckily for me, my friend Jami owns Echo Natural Beauty in Portland's Pearl District.  Last December, I scheduled an appointment and replaced ALL of my makeup with natural products and I'm In Love with them. I'm not going back. I think the hardest product for me to switch out was my foundation. Nod if you agree with me. 

Here's a list of my new favorite brands:

Ilia - awesome foundation and I love the mascara (not waterproof)

Kosas - amazing lipsticks and under eye concealer

RMS - I love the cheek & lip tint and the luminizing powder

HAN - an all natural pressed blush

Alima Pure - my favorite eye shadow/eyeliner and bronzer

I have been so delighted by my purchases that I asked Jami if she would do a collaboration with me so we could all get healthy inside and out! 

Right Now you can get 20% off your purchase through 2/28 at Echo Natural Beauty by using code: ECHOGIFT. 

Go in and see Jami. She was my neighbor growing up and I know she'd love to take care of you.  Out of town?  They ship!

Take good care of yourself, ok?  You are important to me. 












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