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You Are Magic

You Are Magic


Hi Friends,

I've got my philosopher's hat on again, so before I share my aMYLK News, I want to get geeky in my favorite kind of way and tell you something very important that I think you should know, in case you need to remember.

You are magic. I believe this with every ounce of my being. I know this because I'm magic too, and together we have the power to create a beautiful world. In fact, we have the power (through our positive energy and our positive thoughts) to create any kind of world that we want. Our thoughts are that powerful.

There is an election coming, which is stirring up a lot of collective thoughts
, so I ask that you focus your attention right now not on the world as it is (that you maybe don't like very much), but on the world as you wish it to be. Can you let go of all of your disappointments, anger and fears and instead put your precious energy into imagining the most Joyful world and beautiful life possible?

You and I have this magical power to create anything our minds think, so don't go down any rabbit holes of doubt, doom and gloom, ok? It's dark and yucky down there. Instead, let's turn our consciousness toward Joy.

Imagine a better world for yourself. What does that look like? Do you feel a surge of happiness?  Do you feel ripples and tingles of Joy in your body? Then this is your Truth. And by the way, it is not selfish to feel Joy. There is enough Joy for all of us.  In fact, it is limitless.  It is not selfish to imagine a world that brings you happiness.  In fact, the world needs you to. 

Friends, it's up to us. Stay focused on what feels good. Join me in being a Joy Seeker. Take care of your body. Drink aMYLK! Choose kindness. Together we will create a spectacularly beautiful world.



Owner & Chief Joy Seeker at aMYLK

P.S. Please VOTE

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