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vanilla hazelnut aMYLK

vanilla hazelnut aMYLK

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Pure, and sweetened with organic maple syrup and dotted with organic whole vanilla bean, vanilla hazelnut aMYLK is the one everyone croons over. I can't pour this fast enough at my pop-up shops because it's so luxuriously creamy, sweet and different.  It's the perfect plant-based vehicle. Drink it straight, add it to your coffee, make it the base of your favorite healthy smoothie or elixir with adaptogens, or make a rich, creamy latte. This is the classiest plant-based mylk in the collection.

ingredients: organic Oregon hazelnuts, water, organic maple syrup, organic whole vanilla bean, pink Himalayan sea salt, Love

aMYLK is raw and unpasteurized so be sure to use it within a week and keep it refrigerated!

Return your clean, reusable bottles to receive a discount coupon for use toward your next order ($1.00 off one liter & half liter bottles, $0.50 off minis).

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