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strawberry aMYLK

strawberry aMYLK

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It's Strawberry time!!!! Yay! I know you are all excited about this.  I had a customer come up to me a week ago at the Farmers Market who said "I'll take a Liter of Strawberry mylk."  I was like, "we don't have that one today, do you mean I'm beautiful? It looks like strawberry, but it's made from beets and superfoods."  No, he said.  "I want STRAWBERRY MYLK."  LOL.  I hear you people. It's time for Strawberry mylk. So here you go!  To be honest, I'm as excited as you are. We are keeping this one up for two straight weeks!

Organic Ingredients: almonds, water, strawberries, maple syrup, vanilla bean, salt, love.

aMYLK is raw and unpasteurized so be sure to use it within a week and keep it refrigerated!

Return your clean, reusable bottles to receive a discount coupon for use toward your next order ($1.00 off one liter & half liter bottles, $0.50 off minis).

Order by 11pm on Monday for delivery on Thursday - $18 minimum order
Only available for free delivery within a 5 mile radius of downtown Portland