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The True Cost of Fast, Cheap & Easy

Why Fast, Cheap & Easy is Leading us to Disease
I received a text yesterday from someone asking me if it really costs $12 to get aMYLK couriered to her house. That comment got me thinking about how accustomed we have become to getting our food Fast, Cheap and Easy. The fact is, at $12 I actually take a loss. I'm sure that thought never crossed her mind.  

Let's go back to the beginning.  Why did I start aMYLK? 

I started aMYLK to heal myself and to provide the opportunity for others to heal as well.

One day I woke up and I realized... it’s the food. The foods we widely enjoy today have been stripped of their nutrients. The soil our food is grown in has been depleted of the trace minerals that are vital to our survival. Our food is making us sick. 

We have voted with our dollars for fast, cheap and easy without realizing that there is a cost. The only reason we have been getting food delivered fast and cheap and easy is because companies have compromised on quality to ensure profitability. Is it any wonder we are in a heath crisis? Is it any wonder we have mystery illnesses and rampant autoimmune disease?

The bulk of our food is made to ensure profitability above all else. Most of our food is made in factories by machines and our fields are sprayed with harmful chemicals. We’ve started making preservatives in Petri dishes out of synthetic ingredients and genetically modifying seeds to ensure high yields.

I got sick because I was eating foods that were empty of nutrients but filled with gums and synthetic vitamins that were meant to make what I was eating have a longer shelf life and be more easily distributed and thus more profitable for the companies who make them.

Our food system is broken. The whole world is sick. How do we fix this?

I believe that we must realize that fast, cheap and easy is the pathway to widespread disease. We must go back to the old ways where food is produced and distributed locally and made only using whole ingredients that are organically grown.

Today's exceptional makers are doing things the old hand, with their own hard labor. We don't have loans or investors. All we have is our integrity, the integrity of our products and our customers, like YOU, who understand the value that our products deliver. Thank you for being a part of a movement toward a better life for all of us. 

I know that my products are expensive and that they have a short shelf life. I know it costs a lot to deliver it. This is the price of real food. My competitors don't care about the health and wellness of their customers. They add gums and additives and bottle in plastic or Tetra Paks because they want to move massive amounts of product! The end result is a society that isn't well and a world that is full of garbage. How does that profit anyone?

I'm hoping to fix our food system one bottle of aMYLK at a time. It might just kill me. I work awfully hard, but this is a cause that I will die for.  That is the aMYLK difference.

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