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The Lost and Sick Generation of Gen X

I grew up in the 70's and 80's on a steady diet of Jiff peanut butter, hostess cupcakes and lots of antibiotics. This was the era that introduced microwaves, personal computers, home movies (VHS/VCR), and cable TV. 

Despite the fact that I grew up with parents who grew most of our own veggies and fruits and despite the fact that my mother baked all of our bread, canned all of our fruit, and made jams and pies from scratch, I also regularly indulged in Doritos, Push Pops, Jolly Rancher Fire Stix, Ding Dongs and pretty much any other consumer packaged good that I begged my mother for with the exception of sugar cereals. 

Actually, on rare occasion, my mother let me get the mini boxes of cereal that came in long, plastic wrapped variety bundles and which usually had at least one contraband cereal in it like Honey Smacks or Sugar Corn Pops.

The truth is, I hated vegetables and my parents would force me to put a single green bean on my plate for “color”. I never ate it. 

Actually, I didn't really like to eat much at all. Being of Swiss German descent, my mother often called me her “brot” baby, or bread baby, because that's all I wanted to eat. Bread, sugar, Jiff peanut butter and maybe a bowl full of fruit was about all I'd eat. Look at how scrawny I was. It's a miracle I grew up strong enough to play Division I soccer for a top 5 school.

As an adult, I look back at my childhood diet and all the bouts of mono and strep throat that I had with copious amounts of antibiotics and I think…great! Bread, antibiotics and fructose/glucose. No wonder I've got a leaky gut and a host of undiagnosable health issues that have plagued me for the past 15 years. Can you relate?

I have spent my entire lifetime seeking wellness. For those of you of my generation…do you remember Snackwells? I dove head first into those in college. A cookie that had zero sugar and zero fat? I was in. Sugar replacements have got to be one of the most insidious engineered food products known to man. Did you know that a single packet of Splenda can kill half of your gut bacteria? 

I shutter to think about all the health fads that I subscribed to based on the recommendation of marketers eager to get their hands on my money and prey on my insecurities. This was and still is the consumer packaged goods world. 

There is one goal here in America and that is to sell as much product and make as much profit as you possibly can. Consumer health is of little concern, unless it's exploitable! In which case, you'll find a string of eager young marketers ready to sell you just about anything along with a promise for a cure that holds very little, if any weight.

I majored in Consumer Behavior. I longed to be in the world of advertising. After college, I was accepted to Pratt's School of Design. I almost drank the Kool Aid and dove head first into the world of consumer manipulation. I'm grateful that the Universe had other plans for me because today, I stand before you not as America's sweetheart, but as your fierce and loyal protector ready to go to battle. 

Enough is enough. I will tear this industry apart. I am sick and tired of seeing companies exploit consumer health. 

I am small, but I am mighty. I am driven and I am passionate about healing myself and creating products that will help you heal. This is a topic that I don't talk about enough. This is my why. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Aren't you?

My generation, Generation X, is suffering. America is suffering. We have been poisoned by the Food Industry. Today, we can see the consequences. Fertility rates are dropping at alarming speed. Miscarriages are on the rise. One in three Americans is pre-diabetic. Our water table has been infected by forever chemicals (PFASs) causing a host of diseases too depressing to list. 

I keep trying to think about how to grow aMYLK in a world where my company simply doesn't fit. If I am going to heal myself and help you heal, I'm going to have to build something new. Are you with me? It's time we take our health into our own hands. 

Every time you choose aMYLK, you aren't just helping me feed, school and clothe my kids. You are joining a revolution. Thank you.

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