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Sabotaging Your Own Wellness

Hi Friends,

I fell off the wagon...the health wagon. I didn't realize I was falling because it was gradual, but when I finally hit the floor and figured it out, it was so shockingly clear to me. I'd been sabotaging my own wellness for weeks. 

Do you ever do that?  

In the photo above I hold they key to my health and happiness. Creating aMYLK, drinking aMYLK, building the company that is aMYLK has nurtured me in ways I never could have imagined. I’ve healed from SIBO (digestive distress) and found joy, purpose and passion in my work.  It all came from getting very quiet and following a voice inside of me.  

Recently, however, I haven't been listening to my intuition.  In fact, I've heard her and I've ignored her.  Why do we do that? I’ve been making some choices with my eating (& drinking) that have been pretty taxing on my body given my overall load and I finally, though gradually, crashed. Exhausted, working 7 days a week, weeks in a row I started to notice I was drinking bottomless cups of coffee, too many glasses of wine and feeling... not so joyful. I was chemically off. I was indulging in comfort foods and sweets a lot more often than I should, which for me leads to low energy, anxiety, a touch of depression and a major disconnect from, well, ME and my purpose. It’s a slippery slope and I know better.

I'm being kind of hard on myself, I know, but I also know that eating clean makes me happy. It gives me energy and clarity of thought, too.  So, I've made some changes and It's working!  I’m grateful for the reminder. As my friend and personal functional nutritionist Sita Huber (Nutritionist for Australia's Next Top Model says, even the healers need healing. So, I’ve decided to try out a strategy I'm calling stockpiling my energy. I’ve been going to bed earlier even when I've got energy to spare. I’ve weaned myself off of caffeine thanks to Rasa Koffee (now available at, and I’ve learned to pace myself by focusing on staying organized and not over scheduling. Reducing my caffine has been a major boon to my productivity! I'm also doing a lot more meal planning. I've got my breakfasts and dinners covered for the next week ahead, which relieves a lot of pressure, you know? I’m feeling excited about starting back up at the gym & on the trails. I may start jogging again. Yay!  

Next month I start planning for the first aMYLK Mind-Body Reset in collaboration with Sita just for the aMYLK community. I’m truly excited to bring more opportunities for wellness to all of you. We can grow, learn & heal together. What do you say?

Here is to being our healthiest, happiest, most balanced selves.

Oh, and don't forget to order your aMYLK for the week ahead! I've got a super fun collaboration for this week's I'm special with Aesthete Tea: Wake Up Maggie aMYLK.  This chai spiced mylk is delicate and playful. It has a bit of caffeine, but not too much. I love it. I hope you do, too. Order by tonight at 11!

With Great Love, 



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