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Misery Loves Company, but Happiness Goes It Alone

Get in the Habit of Happiness

"People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures." - F. Matthias Alexander

I've started to notice something.  Misery loves company.  Have you ever noticed that?  Meanwhile, happiness is truly content to be alone. During this historical time when so many individuals are forced to be alone, perhaps we can see this as our great corner turning moment.  You were put on this planet for some great reason.  Let's get to work!

What makes you happy? What absorbs so much of your focus that when you are engaged in doing it you don't even notice time passing?  If children can get lost (alone) in their daydreams, why can't we? What on earth causes us to distract ourselves so fully with News, TV, alcohol, and binge eating that we lose focus and fall into the great pit of collective despair? I assure you, it isn't happy there. Don't get distracted! Don't buddy up with the miserable. 

See, what you need is action. You need to DO something. That thing you don't think you can do? Go do it!  Do you feel Fear?  YAY! That's a strong hint that you need to step toward it.  Do you find yourself saying, I'll do it, but I'll start tomorrow?  Do you come up with a million reasons why you simply can't?  You're just resisting.  

If you want to be Happy, you need to do that thing you aren't sure you're good at and you need to throw everything you've got at it everyday.  You are going to look Fear in the eyes and do it anyway. That's what I do. You can do it, too. The brilliant thing is, you can do it alone!  In fact, I'm sorry to tell you, but you kind of have to. No one is going to do it for you. If you want to be Happy, you need to get comfy with going it alone.  It's an inside job. 

The world needs you lit up right now.  The world needs you to turn off your TV an get to work on the great things you feel called to do. Whatever brings you the most joy, please pour your heart into it until the hours slip by unnoticed.  You will start to find that magical things start happening. You will start to notice Serendipity in your life.

When are you going to start?  Today. Where do you begin? Wherever you are. Try starting with habits. Let's get in the habit of moving toward happiness. You have your whole life ahead of you to learn how.  

I'm sending you all my Love.


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