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Magic & Mylk, and Life After Death


We interrupt today’s previously scheduled post due to a complete upturning in the world of ALL THE THINGS.  🙃 

Remember last week’s post where I had finally figured everything out?  Hahahahaha. 

The outside world feels upside down to me right now. How about you? Despite not watching the news, not reading the newspapers/newsfeeds, and not listening to the radio, somehow the utter chaos in the outside world has penetrated my little Love bubble.

This has manifested in two staff members unexpectedly leaving, a website crash and me having to pinch hit deliveries and cover roles and responsibilities for those two team members (no hard feelings, this was the best course of action for their lives and I support their growth and needs). Still, it has thrown a big wrench in my plans to start my year off acting more like a super organized  “A Game” CEO and less like a Jack of All Trades.  They say the best laid plans are known to go awry. The message here seems to be: Don’t Make Plans, and embrace the beauty in the chaos. 

Despite everything, Magic still abounds At the start of the year my intuition called for some immediate life adjustments. Instead of ignoring Her as I often do, this time I made big and immediate shifts. I made changes in my wellness regimen including: adding more movement; adjusting my diet, adding supplements and omitting inflammatory foods; and allowing more time for sleep. I also stopped enjoying alcohol. 

Listening to my magical  intuition has paid in huge dividends this week. My clarity of mind and increased energy has allowed me to pivot with ease. I have felt little to no anxiety and I’ve been able to accomplish many more tasks than I was able to previously.  Listening to my intuition and actually taking action has given me confidence. It’s also been a lesson in surrendering to a plan that’s bigger than my own.  

More Magic: I made a statement a few months ago about coming out of my spiritual closet, but I didn’t really expand on that too much.  Yesterday, my beloved Aunt Jo passed away.  Aunt Jo was a successful, beautiful and kind person who had a huge impact on my life and who always made me feel precious. Everyone needs an Aunt Jo and I know I was incredibly lucky to have her in my life. 

One of the things I’ve never mentioned to anyone outside of a very small circle of trusted friends and advisors is my latent abilities as a medium/intuitive. I have been resisting developing those skills or even admitting their existence, but as scary as it feels to talk about it publicly, I am coming to realize that it is part of me and should not be hidden. It is also a part of this new age we have entered where the Veil is lifting. 

Last night, my Aunt sent me very clear signs to let me know that she was still with me.  How magical is that? Here’s how it works. In my mind’s eye I will see a flash of something. It might be a book I own or one I’m meant to buy. I will open the book to read a message that I am meant to receive. In this case,  I saw a deck of cards that were a gift to me which I never look at, being the spiritual denier that I sometimes am. I lit a candle that I received for Christmas, did a short meditation, shuffled the deck and pulled a card. Are you ready for this?

The card read: Ancestors. Honor your ancestors by setting up a shrine for them. Carve their name into a purple candle along with symbols for the moon phases. I smiled. Guess what color my candle was? You got it!  It was purple.

This morning my daughter was tearful. She couldn’t find something that had been a gift from Aunt Jo. All she had was the lid to it. Guess what was on the lid? The phases on the moon. 

My friend, Magic abounds amidst the chaos and the messages from beyond are all around us. All the fear and drama we are caught up in on this plane are temporary. We have immortal souls, so we need not be afraid despite things feeling crazy and unpredictable. There is a life beyond all of this, and my Aunt Jo says everything there is A-OK! Hang on while the world is upside down. All will be right again one day. 

Until then, there is aMYLK (and me), ready to help guide you toward the magic of a more joyful, healthier life.

With Great Love, 



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