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aMYLK Life: Holiday Weekend Edition

aMYLK is about pleasure. It's about taking pleasure in small things, the tiny luxuries in life. aMYLK is a luxury. It is also a lifestyle.  

The aMYLK lifestyle is a softer, slower lifestyle. It's one that integrates the mind, body and spirit, acknowledging that we cannot have true health, when we nourish only one part of ourselves. 

When we take a moment to make ourselves food with intention and we pause to show appreciation for it, it signals to the body that it is safe to go into rest and digest, but so often we rush around and eat on the go and our bodies are not able to properly digest the foods we consume. Our health begins to degrade when we stay in a continuous state of fight or flight.  

It is time to slow down. No more go, go, go. I'm not just talking about slowing down when you go on holiday. I'm talking about slowing down every day. What would your life be like if you took time for a little luxury and pleasure every day? 

Life is filled with sacred moments and serendipitous meetings that only happen when we slow down. I experienced one of those magical moments earlier this week. 

I was driving back into Portland on Tuesday from Eastern Washington when the idea came into my head that I should pull over and sit in the sunshine. I have learned to listen to the muse inside of me, so I kept my eyes open for the perfect spot and finally came upon a viewpoint that felt right. I pulled over, got out of my car and climbed onto a cement divider to appreciate the river view.  My heart felt full and I was grateful.  

Within moments a man approached me - a trucker - and asked me to take his photo. Then he asked me if I had been balancing my chakras (my energy centers). It turns out that this 30 year old Rastafarian trucker from the Bronx and I were absolute kindred spirits.  We sat and chatted in the sun for nearly an hour about health and wellness, purpose, nature, healing, being a single parent, doers vs. talkers, spirituality, entrepreneurism and kindness. His name was Wise. I wondered after I met him, if he had been an apparition or an angel in disguise. In the hour that we spent together, time had stopped and there was no separation, only one-ness. It was one of the most magical meetings of my life. Had I sped by, I would never have met Wise.  

The aMYLK Life is a slower, more centered life that focuses on the little tender kindnesses that we show to ourselves and to others. It's about taking pleasure in the moment and allowing yourself room to deviate from the plan. It's a slow is fast mentality. Slow your breathing and your body functions better. Slow your pace and stumble upon miracles. Take the time to go to the market and to make an aMYLK latte. Find time to appreciate the creaminess and the foam, and how it fills your belly with warmth and dances with your taste buds. These are the sacred and serendipitous moments in life that we hold most dear. 

With Great Love, 


Owner & Chief Joy Seeker at aMYLK

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