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Chia Pudding, Blue Belle & Portland Farmer's Market Launch

It's Order Day and I've got two super fun surprises for you!  This week you can pick up my new vanilla chia seed pudding and my latest mylk creation, blue belle super aMYLK! 

You might be wondering why on earth I'd make a blue mylk.  I promise you, it's packed with nutrition, but there's another reason. I created blue belle in honor of my launch this weekend at (PSU) Portland Farmer's Market which requires that all products sold be made from ingredients that are at least 25% Oregon or Washington Sourced. The micro-algae that I'm using is an extract of spirulina that comes from Klamath Lake.  There are many nutritional benefits of consuming algae. For one, there is more protein and chlorolphyll in blue-green algae than any other food source. There is also iodine, and essential minerals and trace minerals, too.  Give it a try if for no other reason than to enjoy that gorgeous color, which leads me to my philosophical musings of the day...

I've got a color theory. I believe that Nature writes it's poetry to us in colors to summon us out of our drudgery, and remind us of the something more that we all long for.  Surely this life is about more than paying bills, purchasing gas, meeting deadlines and plotting our next getaway. Isn't it?  How easy it is to forget that our very existence is a miracle, (what are the odds that you are here and I am here, too?) and to fall into patterns that leave us restless, depressed and full of fear. Then suddenly, on the horizon appears a rainbow! Does it not snap you to attention and lift the corners of your mouth into a smile? Or, we might be walking down the street when out of the corner of our eye we catch the delicate flutter of a butterfly dancing among brightly colored flowers.  There is magic in this life and I believe that color reminds us of that. Perhaps it reminds us of something magical inside ourselves as well?

aMYLK plant-based mylks are created with the intention of bringing more joy to your life so that you might in turn inspire joy in the community around you.  We can't shine our light when we are operating from a depleted state, can we?  I hope that my nutrient dense, often colorful mylks give you the energy and nutrition that you need to heal, do your best and live your most joyful lives.

Order your blue belle super aMYLK and vanilla chia pudding tonight by 11 for Thursday delivery.  The chia pudding makes the most delicious fast breakfast in four servings. Layer it with fresh fruit or a smoothie for sustained energy all morning long!

Sending Love,  


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