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aMYLK News (and in the news)

It's been a good week at aMYLK!  We had our first feature in a major news publication and with it, our second national press release! Yay!

I was honored to be interviewed earlier this month by Vicky Colas for Authority Magazine. You can find the article, “5 Things You Need To Start a Successful Food or Beverage Brand” by clicking here

Am I successful? I sometimes (often) forget that people even know about aMYLK. I feel like I'm growing so slowly and intentionally that we haven't really hit the radar yet for a lot of people. 

This morning I was getting some blood drawn and the doctor said, "You make aMYLK, right? My wife and I get it all the time. We love it." I can't tell you how much this comment humbled and delighted me.  

On my way to the doctor, I saw one of my customers out running in the neighborhood. When I saw him, I wondered if aMYLK has made a positive impact in his life. Is aMYLK making him healthier? Is it making him happier? Is it making his workouts better? Is he feeling stronger?

Thinking about how aMYLK may be playing a role in your health practices (even in some tiny little way), makes me feel good. It makes me cry, actually. Your wellness is so important to me. 

I feel very aligned with my purpose this week and that makes me feel really happy. 



We are hiring. I've got a production assistant position open. It's just one shift a week for now, but it's a foot in the door. If you know of anyone who has a passion for wellness, is committed to excellence, has talent in the kitchen and wants to be a part of a mission driven company, please send them to our job posting on

Peach aMYLK is coming in hot this weekend! (I mean cold.)  If you didn't get any last weekend, this is your chance! Sadly the strawberries may be coming to an end.  We only use local strawberries and with the heat we have had, they are pretty much done for the season.  This may be your last weekend for strawberry, so don't get to the market late!  

Last weekend, I did an impromptu sale out of our NE Portland kitchen. We had some extra product due to overproduction, so I popped open one of our market tents and placed it in the garage entryway and set up shop. So many of you turned out and I sold almost all of my surplus mylk in just 2 hours! This was an important exercise for me, because I am dreaming up a retail concept. Would you like it if we had a retail storefront that you could shop at? Where would you like it to be?

That's all the news for this week!  Please come see us tomorrow at Portland Farmers, Beaverton Farmers, Lake Oswego Farmers, and Sunday at King Farmers and Montavilla Farmers markets.  

We can't wait to see you!



Owner & Chief Joy Seeker at aMYLK

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