3 Inexpensive Ways To Get Healthier

3 Inexpensive Ways to Get Healthier


We are in that magical time of year, where the clouds are starting to part to let us glimpse patches of blue, blue sky and yet, all around us is a sea of emerald green. When you haven't traveled in a while, it is hard to remember to appreciate the lushness of this landscape that we get to call home. Yes, we pay a price for it in the winter, but is there anything more divine than the Pacific Northwest in Spring? As I write, I am filled with awe and appreciation. There is nothing like a cloudy sky to make you appreciate the sun.

 I have been doing a lot of thinking lately (though with our summer season upon us, not nearly as much as I'd like) about wellness, food as medicine and simplicity. Being healthy doesn't have to cost a lotthough the Wellness Industry would like you to think otherwise. I realize that I'm selling a high-end natural food product and that it would be in my best interest to convince you to buy whatever I'm selling, but that's not my true purpose. My true purpose is to help you heal.

 I hope that you consider aMYLK to be an affordable luxury that helps your body thrive while putting a smile on your face and makes you feel a part of something transformative. I'm not just here to sell you a product. If I were, I'd be a whole lot richer by now (that make me laugh out loud).

 There are so many products out there that are touting wellness while putting profits before quality and it breaks my heart.  America is literally inflamed. From oat milks loaded with enzymes and oils that spike your blood sugar like a Coca-Cola, to veggie snacks made with multiple starches, sugar and industrial GMO oils like canola and safflower oil, it's no wonder people are confused and not seeing results. They think they are eating healthy, but they just don't know what they don't know.  It's not in Big Business's collective interest to educate them. The companies selling these products know exactly what they are selling and they simply don't care. It's shameful and it's why this planet is getting so sick. 

 I've been listening to Shawn Stevenson's podcast The Model Health Show and I just got his new book, Eat Smarter. I love what he has to say about educating consumers and nutrition. Though he does try to sell you some products from his sponsors (which I don't love), I have yet to find one product that I had any issue with. He's legit and frankly, many of his listeners probably appreciate knowing where to buy the products he uses. Who knows, maybe aMYLK will be a guest some day? Manifestation!

 If we want to heal the world, we have to get back to the basics.  Here are 3 simple, inexpensive or low cost ways to help you find your way to better health.

 Increase your Vitamin D.  There have been multiple (5) research studies done recently to confirm that there is a correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and COVID-19.  Vitamin D is free. Our Sun is a powerful healer and it's free! Take your aMYLK latte outside in the morning, take off your sunglasses and let your brain convert that pure light into Vitamin D. Our bodies have receptors all over that help us convert sunlight into nutrients, just like the leaves of a tree, so take off your layers and fuel up! You need sunlight. (Side note, and I'll probably take a lot of flak from my mom on this one, I personally do not use sunscreen and believe me, I have my reasons. That's a post for another day.) 

 Drink Water. Last Winter, I suspected that water, or rather, a lack of water, might be behind my lower mood swings. I did some research on how much water I should be consuming and if water alone was actually the best hydrator and I found that: “Water intake predicted total mood disturbance more than any of the other known mood influencers.” (UConn study, 2015) Since I am a joy seeker above all else, I have decided to commit to hydrating myself better in 2021.  More water, less depression. My research told me that I needed to drink 2-3 liters of water or some kind of water containing beverage daily! aMYLK falls into that category so I'm all IN! Drink aMYLK, feel better. 

 Find Gratitude. It is so important for your mental and physical health to take moments to pause and to find gratitude.  I've been reading a new book called Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza. I think my more analytical friends will appreciate his science-based approach and all the graphics he uses to illustrate his point.  We can change our DNA and heal our bodies simply by elevating our thoughts to Love and Gratitude while bringing consciousness into the body.  Take a moment. Close your eyes, slow your breath and find peace. 

 I have so much hope for us.  We are here, together at an amazing transitional time in human history. You already know a lot about health and wellness, or you probably wouldn't be here right now, but so many people do not.  If you know anyone who would benefit from our community, please invite them to follow aMYLK by forwarding this email. They can join my email list by clicking on this link:

I've done it again and “buried my lede”.  WE HAVE 5 FARMERS MARKETS THIS WEEKEND! Welcome back Lake Oswego! I'll personally be there tomorrow. You can also find us at Portland Farmers Market and Beaverton Market tomorrow and on Sunday at King Farmers Market and Montavilla Farmers Market!   


 Be well!  Drink aMYLK. Spread Joy.  You are Loved. 



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