Rosy Cocoa by Wooden Spoon Herbs

Rosy Cocoa by Wooden Spoon Herbs

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Wooden Spoon Herbs was introduced to me through the blog Local Milk. Always interested in any and all things Milk (Mylk), Local Milk appeals to me because of its focus on slow, conscious living; being present; travel; family; and raw, plant-based living. Lauren, founder of Wooden Spoon Herbs – a small batch Appalachian apothecary, was on the blog teaching people how to make her Golden Cocoa.  I was immediately intrigued. I went to her site, wrote her a note and met her via conference call a week later.

What I love about Lauren’s products is her sourcing. All her herbs are grown in the US and produced or foraged by hand by small farmers and producers with the utmost care for the environment.  These herbs are also often biodynamically farmed and organic.

Rosy Cocoa Lauren states “If Venus were incarnate, she would fill her mug with Rosy Cocoa.”  Yes!  aMYLK is ruled by Venus, so this makes perfect sense to me. This is my favorite cocoa blend EVER.  I don’t know where she sources her cacao (she won’t tell ) but it is sublime!  Lauren adds Shatavari, and Rose to create the holy trinity of female bliss. It’s an aphrodisiac, a reproductive health regulator, a stress buster and a bliss inducer. I’m going to go make a cup of aMYLK Rosy Cocoa right now. This stuff is Goddess Fuel.

Ingredients: fair trade cacao, vanilla, coconut milk powder, rose, shatavari (all organic)

To use: Add 1-2 teaspoons to aMYLK of choice and simmer for 5-10 minutes.

*Please note that I am not licensed to practice medicine. I only draw from my own experiences and tastes and nothing on my website should be construed as medical advice.  Please contact a medical doctor if you are seeking medical advice and use caution whenever incorporating new foods into your diet.