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Ceremonial Organic Matcha & Chasen

Ceremonial Organic Matcha & Chasen

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My dear friend Lauren owns Mizuba Tea Co.  Lauren helped me out on my very first day in business. She's good people.  I use her organic culinary grade matcha in my matcha aMYLK which is available for ordering every week for home delivery.  When Lauren reached out to me about carrying her tins of Mizuba Tea Co. Matcha as part of my super food pantry, I was so excited.  Now you can make matcha at home just the way you like it! This also makes a great gift. Maybe bring it instead of wine to your next dinner party? Your best friend, sister, or mother-in-law might like it for their birthdays. Just some thoughts.

Harvested only once a year, Mizuba's organic Matcha is certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries of Japan (JAS). The single-harvest ensures your tea is the highly-sought first harvest of the year. Though certified organic Matcha is difficult to produce, the effort is well worth the result. The bold, profound umami taste of our organic ceremonial grade Matcha an experience not to be missed. 

This robust Matcha can give scents of dried figs on the nose. Nuttier flavors like roasted hazelnuts or buttery macadamia nuts, and exceptionally vegetal tones (garden greens, spinach) give this organic ceremonial tea its bold bloom in the mouth.  

Nagomi Ceremonial Organic Matcha is exceptionally fresh- sourced, shade-grown & stone-milled to order from Lauren's friend's organic farms in Uji, Japan. 

Size: 40g Tin (20-30 servings)