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He Shou Wu by Sun Potion

He Shou Wu by Sun Potion

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I use He Shou Wu (root of longevity) as a beauty elixir, because it's said to be good for the hair and skin, but it's also wonderful for the nervous system and for immune function as well.  Popular in traditional Chinese Medicine, He Shou Wu is said to help regrow hair, fight cancer, reduce inflammation, fight Alzheimers Disease and reverse hardening of the arteries.  Monks and healers use it spiritually to find clarity and potency as well.  It's a holy root and has been used since ancient times, plus, it tastes delicious with teas, coffees and elixirs on the cacao/carmel spectrum.  I like to use it with mucuna pruriens, cacao and reishi for a super elixir. 

ingredients: He Shou Wu 10:1 extract powder 

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