Reishi by aMYLK

Reishi by aMYLK

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I do not like to run out of Reishi. In my mind, it's what keeps my immune system working like a dream. I've been adding Reishi (an edible medicinal mushroom) in powder form to my aMYLK smoothies, lattes and elixirs almost daily for years. I love this product. It's is my very favorite adaptogen and something that I use every single day to help improve my immune function and reduce stress.

I started to carry my own reishi mushroom powder when I found out that most reishi is not very potent. My reishi is organic and lab tested with a beta glucan content of 17% which is much higher than most other products!

What are beta glucans? They are a polysaccharides that act as immunomodulating agents to help fight disease. They activate innate immune cells and they have wonderful anti-inflammatory properties. This is why reishi is known as the Queen Healer. 

Ingredients: organically grown red reishi mushrooms.

To use: Add 1/2 - 1  teaspoonful daily to pretty much anything, but particularly smoothies and coffee/tea.

4 oz/113 g

*Please note that I am not licensed to practice medicine. I only draw from my own experiences and tastes and nothing on my website should be construed as medical advice.  Please contact a medical doctor if you are seeking medical advice and use caution whenever incorporating new foods into your diet.